Wild Ginger Acupuncture — The Radiant Field

Acupuncture seeks to restore balance in the distribution and flow of energy along the pathways that animate and unify the body, mind and spirit.  This flow of energy, called chi (or qi), follows the same laws of nature as the turning of the seasons and the interplay of elemental forces that give rise to all life.  Chi flows through our bodies just as it flows through the plant world, the oceans and rivers, the mountains and fields, and the animal kingdom.

Much of what happens in acupuncture diagnosis and treatment resembles the work of gardening. Our chi is organized like any other ecosystem: some areas are meant to be cool and dry, others moist and warm.  All of it, when we are in balance, moves in harmony within itself and with the world at large.  During an acupuncture session, we map the condition of the body-mind-spirit ecosystem, especially mindful of what is depleted, needing warmth and light, but equally what is thriving and balanced.

Acupuncture points are like pilgrimage sites on the body where physical, spiritual, mental and elemental energies converge and catalyze movement toward greater clarity and balance.  Each point embodies specific qualities.  Some points, for example, resolve digestive upsets.  Others boost the immune system, reduce edema, or build red blood cells.  Some calm anger, soften despair and grief, others can help us find our life’s calling.

My name is Karin Stallard, Lic.Ac., and I am a nationally certified, licensed acupuncturist offering classical and traditional acupuncture , as well as herbs, acupressure, flower essences and lifestyle and dietary practices in my office in Missoula, Montana. I focus on issues of the body, mind and spirit and their integration into a unified radiant field. I give treatments within the context of each person’s elemental constitution, which is a way of honoring and supporting a person at his or her core.

Elemental acupuncture addresses the symptoms of imbalance (such as headaches, insomnia, menstrual irregularities, digestive problems,etc), but this approach has the even greater benefit of nourishing each person’s inherent physical, mental, and spiritual strengths and gifts, while restoring overall vitality.

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